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Long time plant breeder....58 years now. Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, Beans, etc.


I know, I know….I am lax on posting pictures.  The Verde Claro is one of my favorite tomatoes…and I have lots of varieties.  As our website sells out of certain varieties, I need to list and release new ones to replace those that cannot be ordered due to lack of seed.

This is from my breeding work during the early 1990′s to make improvements on the Green Grape tomato which was first released in 1983…Tater Mater Seed catalog.  Verde Claro …meaning clear green….. has a clear epidermis unlike the Green Grape tomato which has a yellow epidermis.  VC is also sweeter than Green Grape.  It gets sweeter as you leave it on the vine….once it bursts…it doesn’t get any sweeter.  If your fingers don’t get as sticky as a bear robbing a bee don’t have VERDE CLARO!

Large indeterminate vines with green flesh cherry tomatoes with a slight grape shape.  Again, the epidermis is clear therefore it won’t have that amber/green look when ripe.  Besides the sweetness it has a rather subtle but strong tomato flavor…hard to describe!  Toying around with near seedless versions of VERDE CLARO was frankly…a misguided adventure….how do you sell seed if there aren’t enough to sell?  This clone has enough seed so that you and anyone else down the pike can grow them out and save seed.

To get the best flavor grow VERDE CLARO in a warm environment…and please grow them organically.  Better yet….don’t over-water….try to keep the subsoil moist, but avoid watering directly if you can.  Here in Washington….the flavor was superb in a greenhouse setting on river bottom ground where the greenhouse was never watered all season outside of transplanting the seedlings.  The hotter clime in the greenhouse…compared to the cool weather outside…captivated my friends upon sampling the fruits.

Note, this seed may not show up directly until Rob updates the listing.


POMEHANA APPLE….I know….what a strange name for a tomato variety.

Pomehana means warm love in Hawaiian….therefore warm love apple is a good name for the synonym ‘Love Apple’ so comonly used for the tomato.  The history of the name ‘Love Apple’ goes bace to 1578,  supposedly corresponding to Fr. pomme d’amour, Ger. liebesapfel, but we think it goes back to a corruption of . pomo de’Mori or  pome dei Moro, literally meaning. “Moorish apple.”

I don’t have photo of my new variety handy at the moment but I thought I would ‘talk’ about it for I am in the midst of seed extraction of my many created varieties of tomatoes.

The original breeding work of this variety goes back to twenty or more years ago…breeding my Green Grape tomato variety to Pineapple…sometimes known as Hawaiian Pineapple.  The F-2 generation was grown out in a direct seeded bed near Buttonwillow, California in 1994.  Of the hundreds of seedling plants…I selected several for flavor.  Fast forward to my Washington State grow-outs during the last few years….some of them have demanded my attention for color and flavor.  The one I called POMEHANA APPLE is a pink fruited tomato of about 2 inches in diameter with a bicolor interior of orange/yellow with a streak of red….and a die for—aromatic flavor.

POMEHANA APPLE is a play on words, just as it plays with my taste buds.  The two man staff here at New World Seeds & Tubers are under-staffed to say the least….however we invite folks to stay tuned to our website for valuable updates on varieties, and issues of food independence.

Tom Wagner


This has been a crazy year for me….odd weather and lots of work planting and saving seeds.  Good news on tomato varieties… for some exciting new created varieties out of combining heirloom cultivars.

SOYUZ ELEVEN is a case in point.  This is a fairly stable line that I created out of the cross of Volkov and Black Plum…both Russian varieties.  It was named for the last space mission of Cosmonaut Volkov who died upon re-entry to earth, and the capsule experienced a malfunction and hypoxiation killed Volkov and two other Cosmonauts   back in 1971.

SOYUZ ELEVEN is a near perfect black tomato resembling a smaller version of a Cherokee Purple.  It has the smokiness of a lot of black tomatoes but, “Man….is it ever tangy with a touch of sweetness!” The fruits are about 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter with about 5 to 6 locules.  Great production and the flavor was enhanced partly due to absolutely no artificial irrigation growing on a raised bed under a low tunnel.

The seed will be entered into the list of tomato varieties available later on this year. Exclusive variety from New World Seeds & Tubers

Stay tuned for new posts from Tom Wagner….heirlooms from the future to talk about!

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