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Tom Wagner's 2011 tomato list | New World Seeds & Tubers

Tom wanted visitors to be able to see the full list of tomatoes that are available this year. So, here is a list in addition to the ones already listed for sale. The reason they’re not listed yet is because we haven’t come up with a practical strategy for handling large numbers of items available only in small quantities. If you want some rare seeds and have an idea, feel free to let us know.

Descriptions? They might show up later, subject to interest and Tom’s typing.

Names marked with an asterix (*) are not Tom’s breeds; he just happens to have them.

Abraca Zebra

Agate Pears

Airy Leaf*

Ake Zebra

Alberta Clipper

Aleghany Snow

Alki Blue

Ancient Queen

Apple Butter

Ardwyna Polish Paste*

Argentine Tango

Aunt Ruby’s German Green*



Banana Cream

Banjan Roomii*

Barista de Piña

Bearded Cossack

Beauty Mark

Beauty King*

Betimes Macbeth

Beyond the Wild Blue

Beyond Verde Claro

Big Lady

Bit of Laurie

Black Brandywine (La Conner)*

Black Cherokee Grape

Black Russian*

Black Snoqualmie


Blue Angel

Blue Bayou

Blue Bonnet

Blue Bully

Blue Chances

Blue Fog

Blue Hoo

Blue Pitts

Blue Steak

Blue Tears


Borghese Vase Roma

Bouncing Betties

Brandy Antichità

Brandy Stripes

Brandyvined Orange

Brandywine Vintner

Brown Bomber

Brown Derby (stripes)

Brown Strawberry


Bryan Red Grape

Budenovka Pink*

Budenovka Red*

Buigh Plumbis

Buncombe Gold


Cal’s Wonder Tomato

Camp Fire

Camp Greensand



Carnation Pineapple

Carrick Dhoan

Casady’s Folly

Cascade Villiage Blue

Cavendish Banana

Celeb Fatale

Cerise Pink

Chadds Ford

Chelzee Green

Cherokee Camp

Cherokee Green

Cherry Blues

Cherry Frost

Cherry Hill

Cherry Lemon

Cherry Melt

Cherry Stone

Cherry Stripe

Chess Mates

Chico and the Man

Chile-Verde (tomato)

Churra Plum

Christmas Past

Christmas Tomato

Chumash Sophie

Clackamas Blueberry

Clear Winner

Clustered Lemons

Cold Comfort

Combo Stripe

Compare to the Sun

Copious Brandy

Costoluto Florentino*

Cote d’Zebra

Creg on Creg

Czech’s Excellent Yellow*


Dan Bec

Determination Gold

Der Schönheits

Disney Gold

Distorted Humor

Divinity Gold


Donner Gold

Donovan’s Reef

Dr. Neal*

Dr. Wyche*

Drop of the Green



Eighth Planet

El Equinoccio

Elberta Flavor

Elberta Gipper

Elma Blue

Essie Pink



Fahrenheit Blues

Fairy Gold

Far Out

Fidalgo Island

Finding Nemo

Furon OP

F-1 (Co-Star x Stupice)

F-1 (Fence Row Cherry x Jiarg Wine)

F-1 (Silvery Fir Tree x Green Agate)


Flaming Jaune


Flamme Burst

French Connection

Fuzzy Brandy


Gambler’s Bid

Gambler’s Waltz

Garden Lime*

Garden Sugar




Glacial Till

Glacial Zebra

Glacier Bay

Glacier Green


Glamour Evergreen



Golden Crabapple

Gold Fir Tree

Gold Keeper

Gold Source





Gooseberry Colors

Grapes of Wrath

Grapplers Quest

Great White*

Green Agate

Green Brandy

Green Day

Green Grape Beyond

Green Grape (Monterey Strain)

Green Million

Green Nails

Green Sleeves SSE strain


Green Zebra breeder’s private line extremely limited stock!

Green Zebra (Chinook Strain)

Green Zebra Filly

Grévy’s Green Zebra

Gru Vee

Grungy in the Sky

Gruntovii Gribowskii*

Gruntovii Gribovskii Blue

Grush Brushed


Half Devine

Hayslip Gold

Hazel Mae*

Healthy Colors

Helsing Junction Blue

High Fever


Hold ‘Em


Hot Setter


Indio Gold

Izu No Odoriko

Join or Die

Jointless in Seattle

Joker in the Night

Julia Child*

Kael Jay

Kate’s Blighter

Kate’s Fave


Kinjagh Green




Krupka 15

Lange Ærmer

Legendary Tang

Lemon Passion

Little Old German

Loaghtan Woollies

Lucky Guy


Magic Trick

Make my day

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka*

Marvel Stripe*

Marz Red Green Stripe*

Matched Color


Matt’s Folly

Matt’s Wild*

Maurice Chevalier

Merced (OP)

Merlot Downs

Mervette des Espich*

Miel Rose Petite*

Milans Odomka


Mix the Two

Momotaro (OP)

Monomgahela Epidote


Mountain Gold*

Mountain Gold Dwarf

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus (nematode resistant strain)

Mr. Casady

Mr. Zebra

Muddy Waters

Mukilteo Lighthouse

Murray Smith*

New Schirmer Stook

New Vintage

Nicholas II

Noir de Coseboeuf*

Nuevo Sol

Oh Cisco

Old Christmas Tomato

Olympic Gold

Once in a Blue Moon

Orange Ghabbana

Orange Russian 117*

Oregon Zebra

Out of the Blue

Packin’ Green

Painted Merced

Pansy Ap

Parallada Verde

Parisian Green Carrot

Pastel Sleeves

Pennsylvania Catchfly


Perfect Pink

Perfect Pitch

Perfect Storm


Pickled Pink

Piers Tonight

Pineapple Blues

Pink Brandywine (Salt Spring Island)*

Pink Scrofa




Polish Aunt

Polish Pastel Tricolor*

Pomada de Tomate

Pretty Boy

Pretty in Pink

Pretty Peggy-O

Primary Colors

Princess Powder-Puff

Pumehana Apple

Purple Brandywine (Salt Springs)*

Purple Perfect*

Quagga Quagga

Queen Size Stuffer

Rainbow Wine

Rallado Principe

Ranger Merced

Red Sours



Romanian Dan

Roma Valencia

Roman Captain

Roman Follies

Roman Skies


Rose Speckles

Rosso Bruno*

Rutgers Select*

Sakharniy Zeltiy*

Santa Ana


Savant and Beyond

Saving Grace


Scarlet Missouri

Schimmeig Stoo and Green

Schimmeig Stoo (Super)

Schimmeig Traase

Schimmeig Zebra


Sea Companion

Seattle’s Child

Second Look

Sergey Volkov

Shadow Boxing

Shchelkovskiy Ranniy*

Shivering Zebra

Silvery Fir Tree*


Sip of Brandy

Sky Reacher


Skykomish Flood


Snow Berries

Snow Currant

Snow Steak

Sophie’s Choice

Soft Blue Wool

Soft Wool

Southern Laughter

Southern Nights*

Soyuz Eleven

Space Needle Zebra

Speckled Roman

Spectrum Song

Striped Students

Stripes of Yore

Stupendous Bi-Color

Sturdy Gold

Sub Arctic Boy

Sunice Gold

Sunset Turban

Sunshine Blue

Suzy Green

Sweet 100 (OP)

Sweet Georgia Brown

Sweet ‘n Sour

Sweet Quartz*

Tartland Green

Tasmanian Gold

Tart Zebra

Test Pattern

Texas Mouflon

Theroune Bleues

Thompson Seedless Green Grape (self pruning strain)

Tiger Pillar


Tom’s Best

Tough Girl

Treasured Sage

Treasure Trove

Trunnel Stake


Tuntuzu Zinariya

Tuolco Wool

Turban Rebellion

Turkish Zebra

Turnip Tom

Ultra Derring

Verde Claro

Verde Claro *slightly seedier version

Verde Rallado*

Vintage Gates

Vintage Roman

Vintage Wine

Wagner’s Brandywine


Waltham Gold

Watermelon Wine


White Bengal Beauty

White Oxheart*

White Plum

Wine ‘n Dine

Wild Folly

Wild Kingdom

Woolly Blue Jay

Woolly Green Zebra

Woolly James

Woolly Kate

Woolly Zeedonk

Wv 700*

Yellow Bell

Yellow Boa

Yellow Brandywine*

Yelly Plum

Zaachila Costillas


Zauberberg Streifen

Zbornak’s Gold

Zebra Colt

Zebra Creg

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Follies

Zebra of a Different Stripe


Zonguldak Dusk

F-1 (Amish Paste x Jiarg Wine)

F-1 (Black Plum x Southern Nights)

F-1 (Box Car Willie x OTV)

F-1 (Cerise Pink x OTV)

F-1 (Christmas Zebra x Speckled Roman)

F-1 (Co-Star x Stupice)

F-1 (Crimson Pink x Black Prince)

F-1 (Debaro x Sun Sugar OP)

F-1 (Fence Row Cherry x Jiarg Wine)

F-1 (Garden Lime x Brandywine)

F-1 (Izu No Odoriko x Southern Nights)

F-1 (Kate’s Blighter x Brandywine Pink)

F-1 (Legend x Green Zebra)

F-1 (Moskvich x Green Zebra)

F-1 (Parallada Verde x Southern Nights)

F-1 (Red Fig Pear x Stupice)

F-1 (New Green Zebra x Speckled Roman)

F-1 (Nor Boy x Cotton Candy)

F-1 (Purple Calabash x Green Nails)

F-1 (Ropreco Paste x Kate’s Blighter)

F-1 (Silvery Fir Tree x Green Agate)

F-1 (Super Sweet 100 x Stupice)

F-1 (Teutonic Knights x Southern Nights)

F-1 (Tiny Tim x Stupice)

F-1 (Yellow Perfection x Stupice)


22 Responses to “Tomato seeds available this year”

  1. I would love to make a purchase of some of these listings. Can I just make a list and email you?


    You should be able to set up a shopping cart system where you input the initial quantities you have on hand. When they run out, the buyer is unable to select that variety. Easy to set up. You could list everything here in just a few hours. I’ve done this before for small lots. If you only have 5 of something you just input 5 and when they are gone they are gone.

    • Thanks, Bud. Because you’ve expressed interest (we had no idea what to expect), I’ll try to expedite the process of making these available. Funny you should mention the inventory system as I mentioned it to Tom today. But the guy who knows how to set up the system (me) is not the same one who knows how many packets are available (Tom). Plus the descriptions haven’t been typed up yet. It’s going to be a busy month for us LOL.

      We aim to please so if worse comes to worse one of us will contact you offline to make sure that you can get what you want. I’ll follow up within a few days. Thank you for your interest and comments.

      • Perhaps it would be best to start with the lower limits in order to get the thing rolling. You can always add to your “cart” inventory when the final count is known. Perhaps you can get TW to commit to “I have at leat _ seeds”. So then if he says I have at least 300 seeds of each you could set up the varieties for say a qty of 8 offers/variety. Not perfect, but it would generate some income and give you an idea of how much interest. You can then add after a final inventory is done.
        Keep in mind that many of us southern growers will be starting seed in about 2 weeks.

        I have a question, but don’t want to post it. Could you email me?

        • S.
          Both myself and Rob are in a series of discussions about the availability of seeds. We are certainly aware of the seeding dates are upon us. I am seeding tomatoes and TPS today. My guess is that we will have changes, additions, etc., in a work of progress.


  2. I don’t see a contact email. If I wish to request a certain variety how can I contact you?


    • Howdy. Glad you asked. I’m new to WordPress and having been prompted for multiple contact emails, I had somewhat overlooked that it doesn’t actually make them accessible. So I added a “Contact us” page, with a contact form on it. It’s on the menu between “About” and “News”.

      I’ll check if there are any other plugins that would make life easier for visitors, after I take care of some orders.

  3. Glad to see that genetic biodiversity just went forward a notch with the release of Tom’s work. All the best!

    • Patrina, thank you for the comment. Very timely that you should mention biodiversity because one of our ideas is for crops that are intentionally a bit more genetically diverse than is normally expected for crops for home and small farms. Not so much as to be randomized, just enough to maintain a healthy and interesting diversity and avoid inbreeding depression. At the same time we need to do active selection to maintain the quality of the lines. It’s a lot of work.

  4. Rob/Tom,
    The site is looking great!
    Steve’s idea of setting a limit is a good one if your cart has that ability. If, instead, you are building the buttons at Paypal and setting the limits there, it could be a time consuming process.
    If you find time is pressing, another idea might be to offer “grab bags” of the smaller quantity seed… say 10 packets for $25. and you (not the purchaser) make the choice of what to send. It might be a way to get started without a huge amount of time/effort on your part and you could add individual /varieties as time permits. I would be interested in such a deal.
    Best of luck and have fun!

  5. Hi, it’s nice to see this website up. I remember a thread on Tville where Tom talked about doing this and it’s something I really wanted to come to pass, so thanks.

    I like the News articles too, financial and food security both.

    I just posted an order and I wanted to let you know the Buy button on the single bean choice did not work as the other Buy buttons did . Instead of adding to the cart and showing it in a new window, it opened a Paypal login screen in a new window.

    Probably not at the top of you list but thought I’d report it anyway.

    Much success and staisfaction on this endeavor. Thanks for doing it.

    • Thank you for alerting us to the problem, Walter. I fixed it. It was probably a copy/paste error. I probably copied the code for the display cart function instead of the add to cart button. We mean to have a quality control program in place but we’ve been swamped with orders ever since people started finding it about a day or two after I put it up.

      I’ll look for your order and try to remember to throw in a complementary pack of the beans as a reward.

  6. Quick reply! I have some experience with PHP so I know what it’s like to prototype a shopping cart system – the devil is in the details.

    Re: the orders swmping you – difficult, but it’s the kind of problem you’d rather have than the opposite, yes? :-)

    That’s nice of you to offer the beans, I have not seen them anywhere else.

    Thanks again for getting this going. I think you can see it will be popular. Tom should sticky his announcement at Tville. And when I receive my order, I look forward to promoting the website there too. There’s a recommended vendor thread there as well and New World Seeds & Tubers should be in it. Get the word out!

    • It’s just Paypal’s system but all sorts of things have come up. Naturally I have no experience doing this and completed the website against a too-tight deadline after watching some videos I bought access to a day or two earlier. LOL!

      The beans are just a stopgap measure. We want to provide some Leguminous crops to the mix on the theory that they complement cereal proteins, they store easily once dried, and they work well in a rotation scheme because of their harboring of nitrogen fixing bacteria. The problem we ran into was that Americans don’t grow (or for that matter, even eat) much in the way of dried beans anymore. Getting a bean with a short enough season for northern tier states added to the challenge. Next year we’ll have whatever successfully grows out from about 18 or so varieties. The only big obstacle is the herd of deer that live on our farm (as uninvited guests). I’m going to set up deer netting completely enclosing the bean beds. Otherwise, the deer will eat every last one like they did last year.

      As for the cereals, none are listed yet but I think Tom is planning to get some spring xTriticale ready. Not that Americans have adopted xTriticale but it makes good breakfast porridge rolled like an oat, and it also makes an excellent substitute for soft whole wheat flour, having a high protein level despite the weak gluten. More cereals will come online next year. It was hard to collect them as many are either close to abandoned as crops (eg, flour corn) on the one hand, or controlled varieties on the other.

  7. Great work, Tom and Rob. Wish I had found my way to this page before I put in my previous order. I’ve already picked out a dozen must-haves from the above list, simply because the name was irresistible. Guess I will wait until you have descriptions up and then put in another order for a few dozen packs. Am looking forward to your bean and cereal offerings next year. Best wishes in this important enterprise.

    • Thanks, Willa. Stuff will keep trickling in, but if it’s any consolation, we foot the bill for shipping as long as the order is $6 or more (otherwise, we ask for a whole dollar to pay for the padded envelop and the postage), so there’s no penalty for multiple small orders.

      More tomatoes coming today (2-13-2011), and a spring xTriticale mix and a spring Wheat mix (I think) are coming online shortly. They’ll need to be selected and grown out but the good news is that the mixture improves the probability of finding something suitable for your growing conditions. Next year we’ll have more specific varieties in varying (mostly smaller) quantities, which will probably also get mixed to improve performance but not quite such a hodge-podge.

      Beans and corn are an interesting issue. We didn’t have enough time to do a real grow-out last year, and to tell you the truth, I at least didn’t quite know what I was doing. I had to get a lesson in what kinds of corn to grow for different purposes, if you don’t happen to have equipment available to fractionate dent corn.

      Most people haven’t grown backyard dry beans for a while now, so while there are a few varieties available, some of them are for too long of seasons for some of us. It took me a while to track down enough variety of early varieties to attract any interest. In the mean time, the deer ate EVERY LAST BEAN AND PEA last year. :( I’m going to have to protect them from the deer this year. But we’ll have a great selection. I have around 20 beans so far to trial, and more coming soon, and maybe 4 or 5 soys, including Manitoba Brown that some folks say is flavorful enough to eat as a bean, whereas most soys are unpleasantly bland an oily.

      We’ll have some number of tomatoes grown out in sufficient quantities to have plenty of seed, and the rest will remain “rare” that year. We’ll keep growing stuff out and switching which ones are in plentiful supply. As the business grows, our capacity will grow too. Some day maybe we’ll have a greenhouse. I’m reluctant to throw up anything “cheap” after seeing what happened when the wind turned other people’s high tunnels and greenhouses into “expensive kites”. :(

  8. I would be interested in the 10 packets for $25. I am more interested in the rare seeds though.

    • Thanks, Terry. There are seeds already listed that are pretty rare (look in the “Premium Tomatoes” section), and there are more on the way today.

  9. Bonjour, j’habite en France, à Paris, et suis jardinier amateur conservateur d’espèces anciennes mais aussi de tomates dont j’ai un certain nombre crées par Tom. J’aimerais savoir où trouver la liste complète des créations de Tom tant en tomates qu’en pommes de terre (il m’a remis des graines de Mira Sharpo TPS, lors de son séjour en France.)
    Merci de me répondre. Bon jardin 2011.

    • Merci pour votre interêt. J’ai répondu déconnecté et transmis une copie traduite de votre demande à Tom.

  10. Stunning biodiversity! Tom’s creations (Green Zebra Filly, Pansy Ap, Volckerinkhove, TW Blue, (Blue x Late Blight) F2, some unknown TW#2, Lieven Free, Green Grape) are growing fine now. I can’t wait to see & taste them all!

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